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 For selected traffic infractions allow us to introduce our exclusive deal "Get it Dismissed or We Pay Your Fines®". Please be advised, this deal, does not apply to cases with Failure to Appear status your case has to be in good open status. What does it mean and what is the benefit of this program? Did you know California is one of the few states to allow you to challenge an officer in two different Trials? This means you get to fight him two times. Yes that's exactly correct and that's exactly what we do. It means two different opportunities to get your case possibly dismissed. These two trials are called Trial by Declaration and Trial De Novo, look them up on Google. But here's the courthouse catch, which it is designed to keep you away from using these great procedure. They made a rule that bail MUST be posted in full or else they won’t grant it to you. This is a money mental game, they want you to feel is too much money to put up front, so therefore you fall into their traffic school or payment plans. If we get the case dismissed your expenses stops and that is because traffic school court fees, and traffic school certificate fees, are not any longer necessary, and that’s not counting your precious time, traffic school it’s an 8 hour course and requires your presence. We are not here to take your case for a cheap low fee, just like other firms have been doing and have messed up many cases. We call them 50/50 losers; with our Double trial procedure your dismissal rate jumps up to 90%. If we lose on the first trial, we may win on the second one. Officers don't follow us very close with these type of pressure, and of course we extend and change court dates to confuse them even more. Now, for the unlikely event we lose which does happen, that's where “We Pay Your Fines” comes in, we assume responsibility and pay your bail in full on your behalf, at this point you do not owe the court any bail “also knows as the fine” and you do not owe us any money as well. If you are eligible, we request traffic-school and you can proceed with that online or any where you wish, the ultimate goal here is to get rid of the DMV point.

OK so now how much does all this cost and how do you enable the two trial procedure? In Most traffic citations our service retainer fee is your fine bail amount. From there we advance the full bail amount to the Courthouse to enable the two trial procedure. We also charge a low processing fee, which part of that fee it is also used to cover certified mail for our new court dates and extension submissions. Upon dismissal of your case, the courthouse issues a refund check of the posted funds and that is how we get our retainer money back. No money is returned to you and you are done.

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The Term “Get it Dismissed” and "or We pay your fines" is NOT a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the results of our representation regarding your citation.  Rule 1-400(E) of the Board of Governors, State Bar of California.

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