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It’s easy, fast and best of all for most cases no court appearance required.*


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*For selected California traffic infractions only.  Terms and conditions apply. Does Not Apply to Failure to Appear cases


* Service for all California


California Legal Services

Traffic Infractions

Retainer Fee - For Selected Citations "Get it Dismissed or We Pay your fines®" 

FTA Failure to Appear

Retainer Fee - from $450 depending on your charges and court location.


Retainer Fee - from $1500 depending on your charges and court location.


Retainer Fee - from $2400 depending on your charges and court location.

Probation Violations

Retainer Fee - from $3600 depending on severity of violation and court location.


Retainer Fee - from $1900 depending on your charges and court location.

House Arrest - VIP Special Services

Security Services - namely, unarmed escorts and security personnel for providing transportation escorts for criminal offenders under house arrest. Call or text us 1 323 521 5552.  Provided it by our Professional - VIP Alternative Sentencing Team. 

Arresto Domiciliario - Sevicios Especiales VIP

Servicios de seguridad ViP- escoltas desarmadas y personal profesional para propocionarle un servicio seguro para todo aquel que ocupe cumplir un castigo de carcel con Arresto de casa. Yame al 323 521 5552 - ViP Alternative Sentencing.

User Reviews

"Recommend them 100%. Great customer service, great people. Dismissed my husband's ticket( over 100mph)."

- Arasely M. Valencia

"This place is great to go to if you’re trying to stay out of jail. It all depends on the case of course but these people are of great service and handle you very well and Professionally. Their timing and communication is very good. Even tho I went a little later than what I was suppose to but they were still able to help. Drove me themselves to the places I had to visit that day and even offered me donuts lol. Their name “VIP” alternative sentencing definitely goes with them."

- Juan C. Munoz Solis

" 2 cases dismissed Highly recommended. Best Law Firm Fix Your Ticket"

- Armando Rojas


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